Volume 1, Issue 2
Participation in/and Research: Ethics, Methodologies, Expectations

William W. Lewis and Niki Tulk

- University of Colorado Boulder

Special Collection

Astrid Breel, Hannah Newman and Robbie Wilson

with contributions by

Adam Alston, Russell Anderson, Outi Condit, Emma Gee, Matt Fletcher, Jamie Harper, Sonia Overall and William Titley


Michelle Young 

- Independent Artist

James Layton

- Independent Scholar

Vahri G. Mckenzie

- Edith Cowan University

Joanna J. Bucknall 

- University of Portsmouth

Lee Campbell

- University of Lincoln

Zindaba Chisiza

- University of Malawi, Chancellors College

Paula Guzzanti

- Queen’s University Belfast

Performance Reviews

Sean Edgecomb

- CUNY/College of Staten Island

Angela Sweigart-Gallagher

- St. Lawrence University

Sean Bartley

- Florida State University