Book Reviews:


  • We will publish reviews of books relevant to performance in general, with specific interest in Performance-as-Research, Performing Arts, Performance Philosophy, Performance and Technology, and Performance Studies, broadly construed. 

  • Book reviews should be 400-750  words and follow the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition Endnote Format.

  • The review heading should include: the author, book title in italics, publisher, publication date, page count (including front matter), and purchase price for all available formats, followed by the reviewer’s name and affiliation.

Publishers should contact with the subject line “Books for Review” or send materials to Amanda Rose Villarreal, Managing Editor, PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Colorado, 261 UCB, Boulder, CO 80302.

Books currently available for review are listed below. If you are interested in reviewing a text not listed, please contact with your book proposal.

Radical Doubt: The Joker System, after Boal

by Mady Schutzman

Staging Process: The Aesthetic Politics of Collective Performance

by Rachel Anderson-Rabern

Blue Sky Body: Thresholds for Embodied Research

by Ben Spatz

Teaching Post-Dramatic Theatre: Anxieties, Aporias, and Disclosures

by Glenn D'Cruz

Beyond Text: Learning Through Arts-Based Research

edited by Jeff Adams and Allen Owens

Audience as Performer: The Changing Role of Theatre Audiences in the Twenty-First Century

by Caroline Heim

Performed Ethnography and Communication: Improvisation and Embodied Experience

by D. Soyini Madison

Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating, and Creating Beyond the Theatre

edited by Theresa Robbins Dudeck and Caitlin McClure

Applied Theatre: Working With Youth

edited by Lisa Brenner, Chris Ceraso, and Evelyn Diaz Cruz

Theory and Methods for Public Pedagogy Research

by Karen Charman and Mary Dixon

Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching: Multidisciplinary Approaches Across the Arts

edited by Ross W. Prior

Redefining Theatre Communities: International Perspectives on Community-Conscious Theatre-Making

edited by Marco Galea and Szabolcs Musca

Drama-Based Pedagogy: Activating Learning Across the Curriculum

by Katie Dawson and Bridget Kiger Lee

Syrian Refugees, Applied Theatre, Workshop Facilitation, and Stories

by Fadi Skeiker

The Routledge Companion to Applied Theatre, Vols 1 & 2

by Tim Prentki, Ananda Breed

Participatory Theatre and the Urban Everyday in South Africa

by Alexandra Halligey

Tandem Dances: Choreographing Immersive Performance

by Julia M. Ritter

Theatre and Performance in the Neoliberal University: Responses to an Academy in Crisis

edited by Kim Solga

Copyright statement:

PARtake supports the Creative Commons project of alternative copyright, which allows authors to keep copyright while inviting certain uses of their work. Authors and artists maintain ownership of their work and allow PARtake to publish it in various digital formats. We ask that authors do not publish in any other web-based formats within one year of publishing in our journal. We also require authors to acknowledge PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research in the event of any future publication of the same work. Unless stated otherwise on an individual work, everything on PARtake is licensed by the designation below.