Issue 1, Volume 1
Pushing the Boundaries: Performing Research

Why Performance as Research?                 William W. Lewis and Niki Tulk


Instability Strip: Writing, Flesh and Paradox in Research Performance                        

Alison Richards

Re-Constructing the Choreographic Studio of João Fiadeiro Through Animated Infographic Films                           

Stephan Jürgens, Francisco Henriques

Carla Fernandes

Performance: An Approach to Strengthening Interdisciplinarity in Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Ann M. Shanahan, Prudence A. Moylan, Betsy Jones Hemenway, Bren Ortega Murphy, Jacqueline Long,

Susan Grossman, Hector Garcia, and Mary Dominiak

Rehearsal Skirts: Undergraduate Research and Hamletmachine’s Chorus of Dead Ophelias

Jeanmarie Higgins

Nosferatu Revisted

Performative Schizoid Method: Performance As Research

Russell Fewster

Connie Svabo

Discreet Performances, Anonymous Performances, Virtual Performances

Marco Cataleo

Performative Reviews and Phantom Audiences

Lynn Deboeck

Performance Reviews

Third Rail Projects  Sweet and Lucky

Gina Braswell

Jack Thorne's The Solid Life of Sugar Water

William Boles

Book Reviews

Applied Theatre: International Case Studies and Challenges for Practice edited by Monica Prendergast & Juliana Saxton

Erin R. Kaplan


Notes on Contributors